Sunflower kitchen accessories and decor

sunflower kitchen accessoriesMother Hen and Chicks Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set with Decorative Sunflowers & Old Fashioned Hay Wagon AccentsLooking for sunflower kitchen accessories?

Sunflowers are known to lift up one’s spirit, making sunflower kitchen accessories the most suitable for people who spend a lot of time there.

I can see why, they are bright and cheery, with a warm and inviting feeling.

The sun-like appearance of sunflowers is the most suitable for those of us who make for the kitchen as soon as they wake up.

Sunflowers communicate a sense of a new day.

Having sunflower inspired home decor (starting with the sunflower kitchen accessories) of any kind will keep us conscious of this fact.

Sunflower kitchen accessories that won’t break the bank

Fortunately for all of us, adding sunflower kitchen accessories to one’s space is a cost effect exercise. It is a matter of buying the same miscellaneous kitchen accessories, with a sunflower theme in mind.

Sunflower dinnerware sets

Sunflower dinnerware setsDinnerware Set, 16pc Dinner Set SUNFLOWER YELLOW

Sunflower dinnerware sets give a splash of color when compared to their plain but elegant counterparts.

Sunflower dinnerware sets are scarce. I am thrilled to have stumbled upon this 16 piece set.

The ceramic set consists of plates, soup bowls, breakfast cups and saucers (4 of each kind).

I love the bold sunflower designs. Something about it invokes mental images of Tuscany.

Although the set is microwave safe, this only extends as far as reheating.
There are other ceramic that carry the same design.

Click for more reviews on this lovely dinner set

Sunflower salt and pepper shakers

Sunflower salt and pepper shakersGrant Howard Hand Painted Tapered Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, Sunflowers, YellowThese sunflower salt and pepper shakers are too cute! The sunflower design is hand painted giving them authenticity.

One can use these for other seasonings as well. The beauty of these sunflower kitchen accessories is that they can be a counter-top display.

A little sunflower goes a long way towards a sunflower inspired kitchen. They are 7 inches high.

There is no shortage of kitchen decor to match these sunflower salt and shaker peppers, from kitchen curtains to tablecloths!


A charming sunflower glass cutting board

sunflower glass cutting boardCounterArt Sunflowers in Bloom Glass Cutting Board, 15 x 12 Inches


Glass cutting boards need not be dull and boring. I have fallen in love with this sunflower glass cutting board. It is bold and has an artistic design in it.

One could, with some creativity easily hang it as a wall decor item.

Even when left out on the counter-top, it does bring the sunshine even to the dullest of kitchens.

=======>Get more details about this sunflower glass cutting board.

Sunflower kitchen canisters

Sunflower Kitchen Canisters - Set of 4Sunflower Kitchen Canisters – Set of 4

Canisters are great kitchen accessories to double as decor. The sunflower kitchen canisters will light up the counter-top and your kitchen.

I love it when my sunflower kitchen accessories serve a double purpose like this.

The design on my favorite canisters is generous on the sunflowers. I love that! These sunflower kitchen canisters are larger than your usual canister set.

The biggest one can fit a bag of cereal. It is then up to you what you put inside.

The set goes well with this sunflower spoon and fork wall decor set.


Sunflower kitchen towels

Mastercuisine 2pk Kitchen Towels-SunflowersMastercuisine 2pk Kitchen Towels-SunflowersKitchen towels must complement or go hand in hand with a kitchen’s theme. The sunflower kitchen towels expand very well on the sunflower inspired kitchen theme.

The MasterCuisine set is my favorite. The colors and the sunflower design are vibrant.

You can use them as a decoration accessory as well (a kitchen wall mural maybe?).  Sunflower kitchen accessories have this added advantage.

I also know people who would appreciate these sunflower kitchen towels for a housewarming gift.  The material is thick, durable and color-fast.  This could be appreciated for a long time before it wears off.


I feel energetic just by blogging about these sunflower kitchen accessories and decor items.  This is the first post on my sunflower inspired home decor category.  I hope it’s been useful and has inspired more ideas for your home!  Do share these sunflower kitchen accessories to your social media account and help out friends and family.


sunflower kitchen accessories

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