Indoor recycling bin ideas for small spaces

recycling bin ideas Recycling bin ideas: 

Recycling is always a perfect idea, but the industrial looking recycling bins tend to be less practical for most homes.

cardiff dating professionals Feasible recycling bin ideas must be convenient for use by the family, and not seem to be an extra chore.

I love how most trash cans have now been see designed to accommodate green families! They can be designed to match rencontrer l'homme de sa vie а“Т 50 ans kitchen cabinets or any other house furniture.

The 3-slot indoor recycling bins work well when one has kids. source url All they need to understand is which slot is for plastic, paper or glass. The recycling bin ideas that I found are exciting and economical, and some are DIY projects that are easy to pull off.

Recycling bin ideas that have captured my eye

I found both plastic and wooden trash recycle bin ideas that I wish I had seen before buying mine ( I hate it when that happens).  Most of these recycling bin ideas are lovely because dating guys in college they can fit into a small kitchen. 

These indoor recycling bins are popular (Dual trash recycle bin) 

Dual trash recycle binsimplehuman 58 Litre / 15.3 Gal Rectangular Dual Compartment Recycling Step Can with Liner Pocket, Rose Gold Stainless Steel

I’d forgo a normal trash bin and thuoc apo amitriptyline 25mg choose this dual trash recycle bin. prazosin klonopin 1mg Since we produce trash anyway, why not just recycle it – and do so in style?

This trash bin combo pristiq 25 mg does not need an inside bucket because of its integrated drip guard. This also leaves more room for the trash bag to fit in.

When the lid is open, this dual trash bin is 36″ tall. Do consider that if you want to put the bin under a counter.

Everyone seems to agree that this is one of the best recycling bin ideas online.

This is one of many dual trash bins that you can find. For something that fits your tastes and pocket, do browse for more.   

 Wooden trash recycle bin

Wooden trash recycle binWood Garbage Can Holder with Recycling Holder (Solid Cream)Tilt-Out Wooden Trash Bin Holder (Butternut)Tilt-Out Wooden Trash Bin Holder (Butternut)

The above double door wooden trash recycle bin mesmerizes me. I love the neatness and how it can match anyone’s kitchen. It is available in a whole lot of other colors too. The bin comes with trash cans already, so there is no frustration of running around looking for the correct can sizes. One client has put her’s into dual use and made it a flower stand! It looks very neat and tidy!

The single door wooden trash recycle bin is suitable if one recycles only a specific material e.g paper. It can go nicely under a counter as it opens front wards. I’d go mad and paint it lime green or any other bright color just to liven things up a bit.

DIY trash recycling

I’m drawn to DIY crafts lately, hence the excitement when I found some nifty DIY trash recycling crafts online. Thank goodness though because some of them need not be done from scratch, but a matter of buying ready to assemble kits that fit into one’s kitchen cabinets.

recycling bin ideasRev-A-Shelf – 4WCTM-18DM2 – Double 35 Qt. Pull-Out Top Mount Wood and White Waste Container for 1-1/2 in. Face Frame Cabinet

This DIY trash recycling kit is one of my best recycling bin ideas. It is built in into one’s kitchen cabinets. Amazon sells the kits.  All you do is to remove the existing shelves from one of your cabinets, and fit the kit according to the instructions. It comes with the 35 quart containers as well!

DIY trash recycling
Source: Anna White

I love this DIY trash recycling project by Anna White. It suits the person who loves handy work. It can make for a good father and son bonding time too. She gives out precise instructions on how to build this trash recycling cabinet. The end product is one of my favorite recycling bin ideas, considering also that I get to give it any color that I want.

That is it for now for my recycling bin ideas. Whether you choose the DIY trash recycling ideas or simply buy the dual trash recycle bin will depend entirely on the time and budget that you have.  Please do share with family and fiends!


  1. shalama says:

    We are big recyclers. We have a bin that we use and then transfer it to the outside recyclable trash can from our trash collectors. Having something “pretty” would be nice indoors though.

  2. pim says:

    Hi Zee,

    I also really like a dual recycling can. It can look very stylish. I think you there is no need to hide a trash can in a cabinet anymore. There are so many beautiful trash cans to buy these days. Like the DIY ideas too!

    Best, Pim

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