Lime green living room decor – where to start?

Wondering where to start with lime green living room decor? A friend told me that she loves the color but worries that she’d mess everything up if she tried to decorate her home with it. The “loud” nature of lime green makes it adorable yet difficult to commit to it in your home. source site It is actually easy as pie…especially because it is such a bright color.lime green living room

I’d assume that you want to go here decorate your living room with lime green because you feel it could do with some color at the moment. This is most likely if your general backdrop is made up of neutral colors. Perfect! A neutral backdrop is exactly the right one to introduce bright colors to.

It is a matter of shopping for your decorative accents, accessories and furniture and start experimenting slowly.

Do not let the Pinterest perfect lime green living rooms overwhelm you.

watch Select one or two of the ideas in this article and start your decorating. This is the nice thing about the lime green hue, you do not need too much of it to create a noticeable house transformation.

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Ideas for a lime green living room decor

These are just a few ideas that you can implement to get started with your lime green living room decor. You can easily choose one idea and run with it.

Lime green living room walls

lime green living room walls
I love how this focal point has been painted  lime green. Source: Huffington Post

Green paint works well in a living room as it conveys a welcoming message and openness. When it comes to  a brighter hue like lime green, where to buy cialis from I like it when only one side (the focal point) is painted lime green – or make use of lime green wall paper.

The use of paint or wall paper will depend on your personal preference and situation. I’d gather that on a rented apartment – a wall paper would be more appropriate.

I’m more of a wall paper person because it is not messy BUT I must admit that source site paint will give you a more authentic look and can be mixed to your exact preference of the lime green hue.

See also: lime green wall canvas  art and lime green wall decals and stickers in case you only want to highlight parts of a wall with green – but would not go as far as painting the whole wall.

Lime green living room furniture

Buying lime green living room furniture would definitely be a step up and perfect if you really need a pop of color in your living room (with budget permitting). You can start from something as little as a lime green bean bag chair. it can be a good start to experiment with the follow url color. You can go big with a lime green living room chair, a lime green living room set, side cabinet, end tables etc

See : Lime green bean bag chair

Green throw blanket

A Lime green living room chair for a start

People love lime green, but tend to be cautious about using it in their homes.

I can also imagine that moving from a neutral backdrop living room to something as colorful as lime green can invoke some doubts. My decor motto is simple: “Introduce 1 or 2 bright colored items at a time”.

One lime green living room chair among your neutral couches would be a good start and transformation. I’ve rounded up some nice chairs that you would love also. It will be for you to choose the kind of material or fabric that you prefer based on your living situation. I like leather better because it is easy to clean – and the maintenance is not demanding except for the occasional leather treatment.


Lime green living room set

Lime green living room set
Buy from Amazon

A lime green living room set is just as good and I must say that it is growing on me. The most important thing to remember is to swap things around and have your non major decorative accents in neutral hues…. . that would be your area rugs, side tables, walls etc. The key with  lime green is to go minimal.

Always consider comfort when buying a couch set. It is also important that your living room couch set is not pushed against the wall – bringing it  forward creates a cozy and comfortable pace – availing the wall for wall art  or decorative shelves.

More lime green living room furniture

Besides the chairs, one can go for wooden furniture items like side tables, coffee tables and end tables. You may already own some of these and getting a professional to re-paint the wood with lime green would render them new.

I mention a professional because I don’t trust myself to handle paint (although I did paint the dog house once:)). If you are up for some new furniture then you may love these pieces.

Lime green living room accessories


Lime green living room accessories
Get your accessories from Amazon (click image)

Accessorizing with lime green living room accessories and accents is quite fun and easy on the wallet. I can shop for all these all day long. The fun part is that you can switch them any time should you feel like changing your living room’s colors.

I use different colors for the seasons of the year and lime green seems to fit summer better (in my eyes). I simply put away the winter vases, wall art, pillow, lime green area rugs  etc and put up a brighter color for the summer!

You may also like the following lime green living room accessories that I already blogged about previously:

1. Lime green decorative pillows. I also blogged about how to use lime green decorative pillows.
2. Lime green storage ottoman.

Lime green area rugs are the quickest way to transform a neutral living room to a bright color hue, as well as revitalize it. You can go with a plain or a patterned area rug, according to your tastes. It is important to choose the correct size for your living room. Over and above being a decor item, a rug is also useful in creating boundaries especially in open plan living areas.

Whether you go for lime green living accessories, actual furniture or changing the color of the walls, remember to take it one step at a time so that the change does not overwhelm you. My safe space are the accents and accessories while the next person may feel comfortable  starting with full lime green living room sets or furniture. Either way, enjoy your home and good luck on transforming it using lime green!

lime green living room
Lime green living room decor ideas for your home


  1. The green looks so pretty. I’m not sure I would have the nerve to paint an entire room in lime green, but I love it as an accent color or when used on small pieces of furniture and other decorative items. Your photos are gorgeous.

  2. Olivia says:

    Wow, great choices all of them. Thanks for sharing your bright delights.

  3. The lime green decorations look very nice here.

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