Lime green decorating ideas for your home

como conocer a un chico si soy timida Lime green decorating may have been something you never considered for your home for several reasons. It could be that you find the color to be too bright or simply never thought it had a place in your home decor.

The color green (of which source url lime green is a variant) has been known throughout the ages to have classement site rencontre gratuit 2012 psychological and even spiritual benefits. When used properly in your click here home decor, you can actually reap some of these benefits in the comfort of your own home.

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Benefits of the color green Being the color of nature, green represents tranquility, calmness and even good luck.

Research has also shown that green can improve one’s reading ability. In fact, it is advisable to experiment and lay a green transparency over a child’s reading material for improved reading speed and comprehension. forum opzione binarie Lime green in particular, is known to inspire youthfulness and clear out negative energy. Green is also attributed with decreased stress and increased productivity.

Have you ever wondered why television studios use the “green room” as a waiting area for guests who are about to appear on their shows? citas en linea cd juarez Green is known for its calming effect. Even doctor’s rooms tend to be painted in some green color.

Lime green decorating ideas and tips

Introducing lime green decor into your home is here not something you do over night. Before you decide to do  redecorating and replacing everything with lime green, I’d like to invite you to read more on my site, use the recommendations and tips for inspiration.

Being such a bright color, a few pieces of lime green are all you need in your home or the particular room in order to achieve the beauty and benefits offered by this color.

Lime green decorating in the kitchen

lime green decorating
Source: Deviantart

Lime green decorating in the kitchen is one of the easiest!  I personally play a lot with color in my kitchen.

Play around with some lime green kitchen decor ideas in order to transform your kitchen and bring to it the energy and tranquility you need in order to be more productive.

Having attractive accessories and gadgets like the green silicone kitchen appliances in your kitchen can actually arouse your desire to spend time in this often neglected yet, intimate part of the home.

Lime green living room decor

A lime green living room can create a sense of elegance and luxury in your home. This can be achieved through a few accessories of just one piece of lime green furniture.


lime green decor
Lime green decor ideas for the living room – available from Amazon

Click Image For More Lime Green Decor Ideas

Lime green living room furniture would make a statement of elegance – but can be on the higher priced side of things, especially if you are still experimenting with the color.

Lime green area rugs, lime green pillows,  a decorative lime green storage ottoman  or a lime green bean bag chair could be just the right living room decor accents you need for a lime green touch up!

Lime green decorating in the bedroom and bathroom

With the calming and tranquil effects of the color green, it goes without saying that a lime green bedroom decor would be beneficial for your peace of mind as well as your bedroom. Experiment with a lime green bedding set, area rugs, lime green canvas wall art etc.

You can even change your walls by painting them in lime green.  I prefer wall paper.

Lime green bathroom decor is just as beneficial as it is a space that most use to unwind after a very long and tiring day.

Lime green decor + lime green bathroom accessories

It could be that you are looking at re-painting your house and would love to use paint in order to make a statement and bring your personality into your home. Lime green walls may be just what you need in order to redecorate.

I also love how Toni has glamed up her front door by painting it with the lime green color.  It’s those little things that say “You are Welcome” that one can do with lime green paint!

lime green decor
Lime green decor door by Blue Skies Ahead

Whatever the level of involvement you want with lime green decor, there is always something for you to experiment with. This blog will bring you all the product reviews and tips for lime green decor.



  1. Cathy says:

    I love the lime green color but haven’t used it in decorating (though I do have clothes that color).
    I’m planning on redoing our downstairs bathroom and didn’t know what color. Now I’m thinking lime green might be fun to try. Any idea of what color (or colors) to pair it with?

    1. limegreendecor says:

      Hi Cathy

      Thanks for stopping by. When it comes to bright colors, I personally believe that less is more. A small change will go all the way. I found a bathroom that I fell in love with on someone’s G+ posts. I’ve pinned it on my lime green decor pinboard (scroll up to the top right of the blog to find it).

      Happy decorating!

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  3. OMG! everything is green!

    It’s very pretty, green is my favorite color. I’ve the exact sofa you share on your post. It’s very durable and comfortable.

    Thank you very much for your great post….. 🙂

    1. limegreendecor says:

      I’m glad you love it! The color grew on me and I’m just as mad about it.

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