Decorate with affordable lime green bedside lamps and lamp shades

As a bookworm and decor fan, I understand perfectly well the need to have opzioni binarie demo app lime green bedside lamps or buy Quetiapine and Seroquel lamp shades in order to exclusively dating quotes decorate your bedroom – as well as keeping the light on for your enter site bed-time Lime green bedside lampsreading.

Nothing gets to most people (including myself) as having the go to link main light on while sleeping – so if you share your bedroom with somebody else, a binaire opties paypal bedside lamp is one of the most considerate pieces of decor you can own in the bedroom. You can also get yourself a follow site lime green lamp shade if you already own bedside lamps.

My first conocer personas de espaГ±a bedside lamp as an adult was a dr dieter schulz binäre optionen lime green lava lamp click here they may seem less mature now but I love them to bits and go site they tend to come cheap too! I must admit though that my bedroom at the time was what you can refer to as a starter bedroom. Nowadays I shop on the isle for go to site lime green glass lamps and some elegant lime green lamp shades to up my game.


In a hurry?


How to shop for lime green bedside lamps?

Before you grab the next pair of lime green bedside lamps, one needs to do their homework first to ensure that the bedside lamps are the correct ones and will create the desired effect.

lime green glass lamps
Lime green bedside lamp from Amazon – click image for more info

The first thing I look at before buying a bedside lamp is the size and the height of the lamp.

These will be determined by the height of both my mattress and bedside table. In my case, over and above decorating – I use a bedside lamp for reading, therefore I will need the light source to be higher for sufficient lighting.

The lamp shade must also do a good job of softening the light and just give me enough light to do my night-time reading but not enough to disturb hubby’s sleep patterns.
The lamp base must be sturdy. I find a top heavy lamp to be quite irritating, and won’t last long anyway.

Once you have considered all of the above, you can then decide on the kind of lamp you prefer to buy.


I have found some lovely affordable lime green bedside lamps online:

Lime green glass lamps

Glass has been used in displays and decor for a long time. Glass enhances decor and with these lime green glass lamps, a transformation of the focal area of the bedroom is guaranteed to take place.
I personally love glass and enjoy cleaning it a lot. It is important that you also learn how to care and clean your glass lamps. The lamp’s outside can be wiped and polished frequently to avoid dust gathering however to clean the inside – once in a while, you will need to take the lamp apart in order to reach all the necessary areas.

These are my favorite lime green glass lamps…..

Use a lime green lava lamp for your night stand

A lava lamp is popular as a night light especially in teen’s and kids bedrooms, however anyone can decorate with the lime green lava lamp.

lime green lava lamp
Lime green lava lamp with blue color liquid – buy from Amazon

It is actually suitable for both living rooms and bedrooms. It makes for a perfect night light as well because the lighting is always soft and is unlikely to cause a distraction to your sleeping routine.

I struggle to fall back to sleep once I get distracted – be it I wake up  to go to the bathroom or responding to a phone call. I am fussy with my husband switching the main lights on while I’m asleep.

Having something like the lava lamp for a night lamp reduces my insomnia episodes. A lime green lava lamp will come out alive once the bulb builds up enough temperature to melt the lava. In my eyes, a lava lamp is one of the simple wonders of modern technology!

Lava lamps are basically made of colored wax and sometimes colored water (the exact details of the contents are said to be a company secret, and honestly I do not need the details to enjoy this peace of illumination).

You can choose to go for a lava lamp with lime green wax inside, or just the lime green liquid. My old lava lamp’s liquid is a weak greenish color with a yellow wax – however once the wax melts and starts dancing up and down the lamp, it does create a lime green effect.

There is also an option of lime green glitter lamps, which I believe to be quite attractive!

A lime green lamp shade is just as good…

I always look for the easier and efficient way especially for household and decor items. A lime green lamp shade means you get to decorate your bedroom without buying the actual lamps but you simply change the lamp shades as and when you please. In order to coordinate your lime green bedding, you can simply get yourself one of the below lamp shades.

They need not be entirely lime green but a mix of lime green with white, black, purple, pink or any other color that you feel will work well with your overall bedroom. I particularly like the lime green and black lamp shade as well as the personalized lime green lamp shade (please do switch off your ad-blocker in order to see  the products)

How tall should a bedside lamp be?

This video explains how tall a bedside lamp should be in order to provide optimal light for you as well achieving the desired aesthetics for your bedroom. I felt I’d share it so that you can buy the right lime green bedside lamps for yourself.

Wishing you a happy bedroom decorating!


  1. Mary says:

    I love the POP of color these lamps will add to a room!

  2. Kim Hopwood says:

    Until I read your post I had no idea you could buy lime green lava lamps. I rather like them.

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