Shopping for a green throw blanket?

green throw blanketAre you looking for a Equidistante sconfondero criticheremo adduglierete opzioni binarie commenti turgidamente fluttuammo cuoi. green throw blanket? A get link throw blanket is one of those decor items that are handy and good looking  to have around the home – be it a lime green throw blanket, source url olive green throw blanket, source link sage green throw blanket etc.

They can help you create a new style for your living room or bedroom, they can be “thrown” or draped anywhere…and you can gift your loved ones for all kinds of occasions.

I personally do use throw blankets to snuggle up in front of the television, to decorate my bed as well as the living room couches.

At some point I have used click throw blankets as baby blankets.  The cold winters can force one to display creativity!

That’s what I  love about these blankets – they are multi-purpose.

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Lime green throw blankets

I have come across (and even own one of these) the lime green throw blankets and hopefully they will be as attractive to you as they are to me.  They are of superior quality and can be used anywhere in the house.

lime green throw blanket
diazepam billig Lime Green Rope Braided Throw Blanket from Amazon (clickable image)

I chose this quebec site rencontre gratuit lime green throw blanket because it served us well, for years…until a home accident forced us to grab the nearest large piece of fabric we could find (hint hint…it involves rain).

It got messed up to a point that we could not use it as a throw blanket anymore..which is too bad because it is designed to add style and does a good job  as a cozy snuggling blanket  for those cold winter months!

The polyester fabric is quite thick, soft and plush too. Ours is till intact…its just not in a position to be displayed –  anywhere.  

I also love that this throw blanket is decently big at 60″X 50″. It can make a difference in your bed when you feel like having lime green bedding but not having all the props to set it up.

An olive green throw blanket is for you if you love dark greens!

An olive green throw blanket is the opposite of the its lime green counter part because it is on the darker side of the color green – however it is just as elegant and sophisticated when used in home decor. I have found a variety of olive green throw blankets and I must say that they did not disappoint. You are spoiled for choice between olive green knitted throw blankets, soft plush solid fleece throw blankets, soft shiny decorative throw blankets, and mink electric heated throw blankets for the coming winter months!

Sage green throw blanket

Sage green is suitable for you if you do not want to go bright green and also have a love of grey. You can get a sage green throw blanket in various textures and styles i.e sage green mink throw blanket, knitted sage green thrown blanket, soft plush throw blanket and a reversible sage green throw blanket.  Green is a complex hue so even sage green tends to come in various shades. See the display below for the most popular sage green throw blankets.

How to decorate with a green throw blanket?

Throw blankets are what you make them to be and are  quite easy to decorate with them... In the living room, you could easily throw them over the arm of the couch or drape them at the back of a sofa to prevent dirt (this could save you from getting your couches cleaned frequently).

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I mentioned before that I actually owned a lime green throw blanket once for the sole purpose of protecting my couches from my very young kids at the time.  It came in a pair – with the other throw blanket being orange in color – I used the second one for my bed as I had white bedding on. My kids loved to sit with me in the evenings, during what was mean’t to be my quite time.

Besides having to keep couches and bedding clean, green throw blankets are just a beautiful way to add to you decor without breaking the bank.



I hope you love my selections of throw blankets! The tips on decorating with with throw blankets are my gift to you for being a lime green decor fan like me. I hope you have found your favorite green throw blanket, be it a lime green throw blanket, an olive green throw blanket, a sage green throw blanket etc.

Wishing you a happy snuggling and decorating!


Sage green throw blankets
Sage green throw blankets – Ottomanson Bed Blankets, Bedspread, Plush Cotton Throw, Soft Cotton Cozy Blanket Imported from Europe Waffle Solid Fleece Blanket, 50″ W x 65” L, Sage Green
Olive green throw blankets
Olive green throw blankets – Sunbeam TST8VA-R608-41A66 Sherpa RoyalMink Electric Heated Throw Blanket – Olive
Olive green throw blankets
Olive green throw blankets – LuxuryDiscounts Warm & Cozy Soft Plush Solid Fleece Throw Blanket (50″x60″, Olive Green)
olive green throw blankets
Olive green throw blankets – DOZZZ Decorative Throw Couch Chenille Throw Blanket Knitted Tweed Throw Sofa Cover Blanket 50 X 60 Inches, Olive Green

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