Beach style living room ideas that I love Beach style living room ideas: Beach themed home decor is one of the most relaxing arrangements for a home, whether coastal or inland. I would personally not deprive myself of the tranquility brought about by a beach house theme.

männer flirten zwinkern Shopping for beach house decor is easy, but putting it all together for your living room may be daunting and challenging.  It is for this reason that'a I decided to collect beach style living room ideas that I love. I hope they will be aesthetically pleasing to you as well!

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My favorite beach style living room ideas

beach style living room ideas
Source: Ecstacy Coffee

This beach house style living room is on the minimalist side.  It proves once again that less is more when it comes to themed decor.  go site Beach style decor thrives on light, hence the glass doors and the white pieces of furniture.   From hereon, the addition of hur deklarera valutahandel beach theme throw pillows, as well as seashell ornaments is enough.

beach house style living room
Source: Pinterest

Blue, in any hue, is the main theme of a beach themed home decor.  It represents the blue waters of the sea. It is clear that the owner of this living room has an eye for beauty!  The main distinct elements in the living room are:

It is more on the sophisticated side of beach style living room ideas’ scale.

beach style living room ideas
Via Pier 1 Imports

This is a farmhouse style living room that has been given a source beach house flair.  I really love that as it proves that one can source site mix decor styles and still have a beautiful space.  I love the nautical chalkboard art and pillows. Also checkout the gigantic seashell mounted by the door.  The owner did put a lot of thought on this design.

Patio turned into a beach house style living room

beach house living rooms
Source: Pudel-Design

What seems to be one of the beach house living rooms from magazines, is in actual fact a renovated patio! It has all the makings of a beach house living room…laid-back, nautical wall decor and pillows as well as being less formal. You will be surprised what this space looked like before this.

beach style living room ideas
Source: Digs Digs

The owner of this living room knows how to pull off a beach inspired living room! I love the nautical wall shelves with seashells and starfish.  The wall canvas,  spotting a lighthouse puts the cherry on the cake for me!  I wonder if the wooden wall effect on the background can be achieved by using a wall- paper?

beach style living room
Source: Decorations

The nautical rustic ship wheel is what drew me in about this beach themed living room.  The owner is clearly a minimalist, who happens to love the sea.  Adding the blue and white beach themed throw pillows has altered the living area into a beach styled room.

Well, this is it for now on the beach style living room ideas that I love.  I’ll be adding more as I come across them. Feel free to pin or share to friends and family!

beach style living room ideas


  1. Darlene says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous. I Live in the Caribbean and I LOVE the beach…I gotta work on bringing these beach living room ideas into my home. That way I can be on the beach every minute of the day! 🙂

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